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Mark Ellis is a professional stand-up comic, one of two founding members of Schmoes Know alongside Kristian Harloff, and is one of the founding members of the Schmoes Know Movie Show. He is an army brat, is noted for his love of baby carrots, talent for Tetris and has performed stand-up all around the world. He has several acting credits, and even starred in the direct-to-video 'Little F*cker' as a stoner exterminator who makes friends with a monster.

Mark has often been teased and has embraced his previous persona of 'Fat Ellis' where he was a little overweight but managed to slim himself down to the handsome, skinny young lad you see today.

Mark takes turns hosting Collider Movie Talk with Kristian Harloff and Dennis Tzeng, consistently performs stand-up, and now has a non-fiction girlfriend.