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Kristian George Harloff is one of two founding members of Schmoes Know alongside Mark Ellis, and one of the founding members of the Schmoes Know Movie Show. Graduating from Florida State University, Kristian started to make the rounds in the world of stand-up comedy, eventually leading to the infamous persona and title of '2006 Harloff' when he would drink gallons of Red Bull and get up to many crazy shenanigans. However, today he is happily married and has a daughter. He now takes turns with Mark Ellis and Dennis Tzeng hosting Collider Movie Talk, hosts Movie 3some with Tiffany Smith, is the host of Collider Jedi Council, and makes guest appearances on other movie podcasts/shows. He leads off the Schmoes Know Movie Show with Mark Ellis.

He also likes yelling at ballbags in the YouTube chat/comments section over their idiocy.

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